Browsing your SCARF home and work directory from your desktop or laptop

SCARF runs a SAMBA server to make it easier for users to upload and download files between SCARF and their desktop or laptop.

As this service relies on the STFC authentication system, this service is only available to users with an STFC or Diamond federal id and from systems that are inside the STFC or Diamond firewall or are connected to STFC via the VPN.

Note that deleting files in your SCARF account or work areas via this method will delete them permanently, the files will not be recoverable via the Recycle Bin or Trash Folder.

Accessing your files from a Microsoft Windows system

  1. Open a “This PC” explorer window.

  2. Either click on Map Network Drive in the ribbon or Tools -> Map Network Drive in the menu.

  3. In the new dialog that appears type \\ in the Folder: line and click the Browse button.

  4. In this new dialog, expand the by clicking on the arrow, two folders should appear. One will be called Work4 corresponding to the SCARF /work4 directory, the other will correspond to your SCARF username and is your SCARF home directory. Select one and click Ok

  5. In the original dialog box, click Finish, the directory you selected will now appear as new drive in explorer and you can interact with it as you would a hard disk attached to your computer.

Accessing your files from a Apple Mac OS X system

Please note: we have become aware of some issues with the standard MacOS file finder. If you encounter an “error code 50” please try from the command line or use an alternative file finder app such as “commander one”

  1. Open a new Finder window.

  2. Click on Go -> Connect to Server in the menu.

  3. In the dialog the appears type smb:// in the Server field and press the Connect button.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select Registered User.

  5. In the name box enter your federal id prefixed with CLRC\, e.g. CLRC\dr35.

  6. Enter your federal id password in the password field and press Connect.

  7. You should now see a dialog box displaying the volumes available to mount. One will be your SCARF username and corresponds to your SCARF home directory, the other will be named Work4 and corresponds to the SCARF /work4 area. Select one and press OK.

  8. A new Finder window will appear showing the contents of the Volume you selected and can now be worked with normally.