Using SCARF for Training Courses

The SCARF team is very happy to support STFC and Diamond staff who wish to use SCARF to support training courses they are running.

In addition to providing storage space for shared software, we can setup reservations so that the attendees of the training courses do not need to wait for their jobs to run.

To request the use of a portion of SCARF for training purposes, please download this Word document and return it to us at least 10 days before the desired start date as nodes may have to be drained of work to enable the reservation.

Information we need:

  • Dates and times access to SCARF would be required.

  • Number of attendees.

  • Likely number of cores/hosts required, e.g. 1 machine per attendee

  • Do you need any additional accounts setup for trainers

  • Software to be used - will you be providing it or are you using existing software on SCARF.

We do encourage you to test your course on SCARF prior to the start of the training course, as it can avoid problems or delays during the course itself.

If you wish to use SCARF to support a training course, please get in touch using the contact us page or via e-mail to discuss your requirements.