Using OpenOnDemand


SCARF has added an web portal based on OpenOnDemand to allow users the ability to manage files and submit jobs via a web interface. It also allows users to get access to the SCARF commandline access via a web portal.

Getting Access to OpenOnDemand

Please see Accessing OpenOnDemand for details on eligibility for access to OpenOnDemand and registration details

Using OpenOnDemand

Once logged into OpenOnDemand you will be presented with the Dashboard:


From here the 3 items of most interest are the Files, Jobs and Clusters menu items in the top left. The OpenOnDemand text in the very top left will bring you back to the Dashboard page.

Using the Files menu

If you select the Files menu, it shows a drop down with one item: Home Directory, selecting this will display the contents of your home directory, and allow you to browse your home directory and create and delete files and directories. While you can upload and download files via this interface, we don’t recommend it for large quantities of data, as it may overload the portal system. The “Open in Terminal” button will open a web based shell, starting at the directory you are currently viewing, we’ll go over that in the description of the Clusters menu item below.


Using the Jobs menu

Selecting the Jobs menu, gives two options, Active Jobs and Job Composer. Selecting Active Jobs will take you to a screen that displays Active Jobs, it defaults to showing your jobs, but can be set to show all jobs by clicking on the “Your Jobs” button on the right-hand side and selecting “All jobs”. This output is very similar to that displayed by the squeue command.


You can see more detailed information about a job by clicking the arrow on the left next to the job id. You can perform actions on your jobs such as cancelling them using action buttons on the right-hand side. There are also some additional actions relating to jobs visible when one of your jobs is displaying more detailed information - you can view the jobs output directory in the File Manager - discussed previously under the Files menu, or open a terminal at that location, which we’ll discuss under the Clusters menu.

The second option under the Jobs menu is the Job Composer. Selecting this will open the Job Composer in a new window, the first time you access the Job Composer it will display a short tutorial on how to compose and submit jobs via the Composer.


Using the Clusters menu

The cluster menu has one option: SCARF shell access. Selecting this will open new browser tab and display a commandline interface, similar to that you would see if you ssh’d into the SCARF login nodes. If you have pressed a button to open in Terminal from elsewhere in the OpenOnDemand interface, the starting directory will be appropriate to where you were when it was presseed, but by default you are in your home directory.


This works very similarly to the ssh interface, for example tab-completion works and can be used to prepare and submit jobs, however any application that displays another window will not work.