SCARF is an HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster open to all STFC departments and Diamond, which is run by Scientific Computing's Research Infrastructures Group to support scientists and researchers.

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Getting around and getting help

The site can be navigated using the links at the top of each page. If you need any help, please contact us.

SCARF People

  • Nick Hill - Research Infrastructures Group Leader
  • Derek Ross - SCARF Project Manager
  • Jon Roddom - SCARF Support

SCARF Annual Reports

Acknowledgment for using SCARF

If you publish research that has made use of the SCARF cluster, please make sure to include us in your acknowledgments as: "Computing resources provided by STFC Scientific Computing Department's SCARF cluster".

Staying informed

SCARF users can get up-to-date news via their choice of 2 sources:

  • All users automatically receive e-mail via the SCARF-USERS mailing list.
  • News can be read directly from this website on the News page.

Other interested parties are invited to join the closed, low volume SCARF-ANNOUNCE mailing list.